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Is Your Auto Shop Insurance in Need of a Tune-up?

Customers come to you because they’ve heard you’re the best person to diagnose and fix their cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, and motorcycles. Truthfully, you have no doubt in your company’s ability to solve even the trickiest vehicle problem.

But are you as confident that you’re protected with the best insurance? Or do you feel a nagging suspicion that something might be missing—and could cause problems down the line?

Like all businesses, auto body shops and garages have specific needs when it comes to picking the right coverage plans, policies, and packages. Sometimes, what seemed like a good idea on day one doesn’t mitigate risks after celebrating several years in operation.

A+ Insurance Agency and Financial Service will help you customize your insurance solutions for your auto body shop or garage. BE sure your investment makes sense for your business needs and doesn’t break the budget.

Contact our team today: (866) 669-0328.

Garages Have Unique Risks. Are You Fully Covered?

As a public-facing business with regular customer dealings, your auto body shop and/or garage is at risk of lawsuits, damage, theft, and other concerns. Be sure your insurance policies are correctly set up to provide the most reliable coverage.

  • General Liability Insurance. A solid general liability insurance policy protects you if someone’s property gets damaged or stolen, or if a customer is hurt at your site. It can also cover other types of damages, such as the use of products that are later found to be harmful to a customer’s vehicle. As an add-on, many shop owners like to add garage keeper insurance that more precisely covers situations novel to running an auto repair business.

  • Business Owners Policy (BOP). For many shop owners, a BOP is the most economical way to bundle general liability and other insurance types. Talk to A+ about this option if you’re currently paying for separate types of insurance through one or more carriers.

  • Commercial Auto Insurance Specifically Designed for Mechanics’ Businesses. What happens if you take a customer’s truck on the highway to evaluate a problem, only to get into an accident? Commercial auto insurance protects you and your employees. Plus, it covers you in case of damages or lawsuits.

  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance. If your workers get hurt on the job, workers’ comp insurance helps you avoid paying thousands out of pocket. It’s the ideal way to help your employees and your company.

In addition, you may want to consider insuring your tow truck business, muffler repair practice, or online parts sales. When you meet with us, we’ll discuss the full range of choices available to keep your auto shop well-oiled and running smoothly.