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Insurance Plans as Convenient as Your Gas Station.

What could be more American than the corner gas station? Even in a high-tech age, we still rely on gas stations to fuel up our cars, as well as our hungry and thirsty bodies. Truly, gas stations—whether with or without convenience stores—are busy places. And there’s no sign that the need for them is slowing down.

In this type of energetic atmosphere, anything can happen—including issues that might take a chunk out of your revenue stream if you aren’t properly covered by a trustworthy insurance package, policy, or plan. That’s why it’s up to you to protect your gas station with insurance specifically suited to your business’s needs.

At A+ Insurance Agency and Financial Service, we regularly partner with gas station owners who want to cover their investments with customized insurance packages. Let us worry about the insurance: You have better things to do.

Contact us today: (866) 669-0328.

All Gas Stations Deserve Affordable Coverage Options.

Is it really possible for you to make a profit at your gas station and still have top quality insurance coverage? Absolutely!

A+ Insurance Agency’s highly trained professionals will help you find the right combination of insurance plans and packages to meet your needs without leaving you without protection when you need it most. Plus, with seven languages spoken in-house, we can help you understand your policy language in your native tongue.

Some of the most popular types of gas station insurance options include:

  • General Liability Insurance – If someone is hurt while in your convenience store or on your gas station property, they may decide to take you to court. Be sure that liability insurance is at your disposal. In fact, it may be necessary as part of your license to sell fuel.

  • Commercial Property Insurance – You’ve spent money to have the right equipment and products at your gas station. In the case of property damage, destruction, or theft, you can recoup most of your losses if you have a robust commercial property insurance plan in place.

  • Pollution/Environmental Insurance – Because your establishment stores and sells chemical materials, you may require special insurance to cover you in the event of an environmental spill. Talk to your A+ Insurance Agency team member about this possibility.

  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance – Employee injuries can take a serious bite out of your wallet if you don’t have workers’ compensation as part of your insurance package.

Of course, your gas station may have specific needs. The fastest way to know if you’re protected is with a phone call to our office.